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From the 1962 album, "Inside Dave Van Ronk."
00:06:19 • 40,887 views • by DannysFolkCity
00:04:13 • 337,904 views • by jackogreene
00:04:20 • 1,227 views • by Colin Drayer
Instructional for Alex.
00:09:57 • 3,647 views • by tjcompagnone
Don't do drugs.
00:04:12 • 509 views • by My Country Blues and Folk by Laura
Song by Dave Van Ronk. Video by Thecowboy4411@Youtube.
00:04:18 • 1,929 views • by TheCowboy4411
Cocaine Blues Dave Van Ronk Every time my baby and me we go uptown, Police come in and knock me down. Cocaine all around my brain. Hey baby, better come here...
00:06:19 • 288 views • by Gigi Young Malatesta
00:03:55 • 2,889 views • by MrMusicismagic
Dave Van Ronk's version of Cocaine Blues with some minor changes and modifications.
00:06:51 • 87 views • by Surkart IV
Originally by Rev. Gary Davis. This is Dave Van Ronk's version. Sorry. No tabs. :-)
00:04:24 • 4,088 views • by tanDlegen
Dave Van Ronk's version of Red Arnall's "Cocaine Blues" performed in Springfield, Mo., by Tommy Main and Will Montgomery of The Big Idea.
00:03:18 • 16 views • by TheBigIdeasTUBE
Cocaine Blues (Reverend Gary Davis) Dave Van Ronk used to improvise verses doing this as a talking blues. In person, he Attributed the song to Reverend Gary ...
00:04:08 • 3,554 views • by Jonathan Frank
Just put on new set of strings on this old 1935 low budget ( in those days...) wood body Rosita that after this refreshing event strongly needed and asked me...
00:04:58 • 2,046 views • by AribertoOsio
Davis said that he learned the song in 1905 from a traveling carnival musician, Porter Irving. The song is sometimes known as "Coco Blues," as on Davis' 1965...
00:03:01 • 987 views • by Mew Suay
New Dave Van Ronk anthology (Down in Washington Square: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection) out 10/29 --
00:04:25 • 35,370 views • by SmithsonianFolkways
New Dave Van Ronk anthology (Down in Washington Square: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection) out 10/29 --
00:08:41 • 23,136 views • by SmithsonianFolkways
Audio only. Track 02, Dave Van Ronk: The Folkways Years 1959 - 1961. Deciphering the original arrangement, lyrics, and composer is tricky. See: http://en.wik...
00:02:35 • 104,651 views • by Clothosx
In memory of a great musician, artist and man I had the honor and pleasure to know personally.
00:04:57 • 13,282 views • by Stefano Greco
Cocaine (Van Ronk)
00:09:11 • 1,987 views • by tjcompagnone
00:02:47 • 28 views • by Shane Gibbs

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